Every year around January 1st, I get tempted to start a 365 project: capture and post a new photo every day for a full year. I usually last about a week (sometimes two) before the effort is abandoned to focus on other projects, either personal or professional.

Towards the end of 2016, as the familiar temptation crept up on me, I happened to be in the middle of digitizing a huge batch of old negatives ... images, like so many in my archive of work from the last 20 years, that I have never shared beyond family, a few friends, and random professors or work colleagues.

See, creating new stuff is never the issue for me. It's a compulsion. My apartment is a dragon's hoard of arts and craft supplies and sketchbooks and Sharpies and cameras and boxes and bookcases full of in-progress projects. And I mean hoard almost literally, but not in the scary, call the health department, fodder for reality TV show way - no, hoard as in something secreted away and jealously guarded.

I suck at sharing my work. It's a running joke among friends who travel with me - I will spend the whole trip with a camera in front of my face, but it can take months (ok, years) of nagging to get me to share those photos.

So, long story short, in 2017 I decided to put my own spin on a 365 project: #365fromthearchive. One photo that's never been widely shared or posted or printed, every day for a year. Let's go.

All photographs © Amanda Determan. All rights reserved.