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Spring 2013 | University of Montana School of Media Arts


"Forest for the Trees" is a multimedia documentary thesis project focusing on forest resource management and the timber industry. For more information on the project and to view project updates, please check out the project DevLog, or visit the project home page.


I used a jQuery "parallax" plugin on the front page to give the illusion of depth of field as the viewer mouses over the tree trunks (which also serves as the chapter "index" on the promotional website). Click here to vew the parallax trunks on a standalone page.


A large part of the project focuses on land management and the "checkerboard" that has been created in the state of Montana along the lines of agency and ownership jurisdiction. I created an interactive map to help visualize this issue using a program called TileMill. Click here to view a sample version of the map.

Screenshot of the Forest for the Trees land composition data visualization
Screenshot of the Forest for the Trees land composition data visualization



Screenshot of the MTCD Dam Assessment program website


2013 | Missoula Technology & Development Center (U.S. Forest Service)


MTDC was commissioned by FEMA to produce this training website (and its complementary print materials) to help employees in the field assess the condition of dams and impoundments (earthen dams) in the wilderness. Click here to view a near-final version of the website.



Synchronized video footage from burnover test


Summer 2012 | Missoula Technology & Development Center (U.S. Forest Service)


The Forest Service conducted a burnover test in September and October of 2011. The project was part of a larger and ongoing study on Forest Service fire shelters and deployment techniques. Using multiple cameras and thermocouples (temperature recording devices), researchers monitored fire temps in and around a variety of vehicles that would typically be used in wildland fire operations.


It was my responsibility to synchronize all video footage (only a handful of cameras had reliable timestamps) and then synchronize that footage with thermocouple data. Once synchronized, I created line charts using thermocouple data and animated those charts over a sample of video footage.

Screenshot of burnover footage



Screenshot from the Subterranea website


Summer 2012 | Birdman Films, LLC (Missoula, Montana)


"Subterranea" is a feature film currently in production. The filmmakers needed an online presence to complement their Kickstarter campaign, through which they were hoping to raise $30,000.


All site graphics were provided; my responsibility was on the development and programming side. In addition to a series of informational pages, the filmmakers wanted to create a maze-like environment on the site's front page that viewers could navigate through using clues that were activated on mouseover. Click here to view sketches and production notes from the design process.


Click here to view the live site and find out more about the film, or scroll down for a selection of screenshots from the website.

Screenshot from the Subterranea website
Sample maze level

Screenshot from the Subterranea website
Character page, featuring a carousel display of "dosier" pages that contain profiles for characters from the film.



Screenshot of 2008 Election website


2007 - 2008 | Independent Record (Helena, Montana)


2007's local election included a fairly large bond initiative proposing a series of updated and new parks and recreation projects. Using a combination of photos and short video stories, the website provided an interactive breakdown of the three main facilities impacted by the bond and the proposed updates or new features. Click here to view a sample interactive from the website.

Screenshot of 2007 Election website
Interactive breakdown of Helena's proposed parks and recreation bond


As 2008's election would determine the make-up of the 2009 Montana Legislature, online coverage focused mostly on providing profiles of candidates.


I was responsible for videography and production of all video assets (including interviews, live broadcast and feature packages on 2007 bond issues); web development (both 2007 and 2008 sites were built using Flash); and election-night site updates.

Screenshot of 2008 Election website
Candidate profiles - all profile interviews filmed in front of a greenscreen

Screenshot of 2008 Election website
Live video coverage of Montana Gubernatorial debate (coverage embedded on front page of Independent Record website)



Screenshot from the project website


November 2007 | Independent Record (Helena, Montana)


In 2007, one of the few remaining lead smelters in the country began the process of closing up shop in East Helena, Montana. The Independent Record documented the two-year process with a with a series of articles, videos and an interactive website.

Screenshot of the Asarco website
Viewers could click on any of the documents pinned to the bulletin board or protruding from the file cabinets to access archival news stories and photos.

Screenshot of the Asarco website
The Asarco site featured several interactive elements that described the early years of the smelter's operation and the ongoing Superfund cleanup process.



Screenshot of Carroll website interactive feature


2007 - 2010 | Independent Record (Helena, Montana)


The Carroll website featured an interactive depth chart that was used to detail key matchups prior to each game. Hovering over the player icons on the field graphic would bring up a text block with information. Click here to view a sample depth chart.




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