Determan Photographic Branding Elements




“Determan Photographic” (or Detephoto) is the business name I use for my freelance operations. The first major branding and identity work that I completed was back in 2013, in conjunction with my thesis work and as part of gearing up for the post-graduate degree job hunt. I built a handful of wordmarks, a title sequence to use in video productions, and a brand aesthetic that I applied to a homepage and portfolio build.

Those initial brand assets are now six years old, and I'm definitely ready for an update. I've included a handful of the new wordmarks that I've created, and an early draft of some illustrations that I'm working on for a new title sequence. I'm overall still happy with the visual aesthetic that I developed back in 2013, and plan to just tighten up a few things on the homepage before relaunching it. My portfoio has changed pretty significantly, though. It's now a bespoke Bootstrap design that I'm overall very happy with - still tweaking a few things and working on the information architecture.

Screengrab of the masonry homepage I built for my website in 2013.

Screengrab of the masonry homepage I built for my website in 2013.

The video below is the first title sequence I created for my “Determan Photographic” brand identity in the spring of 2013. The graphics were prepped in Photoshop and animated in After Effects, then the sound design was layered in with Premiere.