Cougar Spotlight


DATE: 2016-2017


The “Cougar Spotlight” project was a social media campaign developed by WSU's Enrollent Management marketing team. The intent was to give prospective and incoming students quick and concise answers to some of their most frequently asked questions.

We worked with a project manager who suggested the video interviews be filmed in front of a greenscreen and then relevant campus footage laid underneath (graduation, housing, classroom, etc.). We liked this idea, but wanted to take a bit more of a creative approach with hand drawn and other graphic elements.

Screengrab from one of the Cougar Spotlight videos. Screengrab from one of the Cougar Spotlight videos.
Screengrab from one of the Cougar Spotlight videos.

Screengrabs from the Cougar Spotlight videos.

After the interviews had been filmed and our narratives developed, I built storyboards to describe proposed graphic and illustrative elements. Once those had been approved, I built them using Photoshop and the Procreate app on my iPad and laid them under the keyed-out interview subjects.

We've produced a series of three of these videos so far, and will hopefully be building more. It was a very fun challenge to figure out how to convey the student's talking points in a highly visual manner. The first video dealt with financial aid, and can be viewed on my Vimeo account. The second video, embedded above, promotes undergraduate research programs. The third video (seen below) provides resources for students who might be struggling to find support in their new environment.

The second video in the series was awarded a Silver Medal in the Student Recruitment Video category of the 2018 CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education) District VIII Communications Awards.