DATE: 2017


I've always struggled a little bit with sharing my work - especially the personal projects and photographs that I create just for my own storytelling purposes and aesthetic enjoyment. So in 2017, I challenged myself to select one photo every day from my archive of unshared work and post it to Instagram with the hashtag “#365fromthearchive.”

It was really satisfying to go back through nearly 20 years of photography (I also happened to be in the process of digitizing my entire archive during this project) and see how I've grown as a photographer, and the visual themes that I return to again and again.

Multiple exposures of a rose bush.
Trees on Lolo Pass.
George, the judgemental orange tabby.
Cherry blossoms.
Grand Canyon panorama.
Heading into the corral to help with rounding up cattle. The Great Falls Symphony rehearses before a performance.
Sled dog puppies outside of Great Falls, MT.

Top row: multiple exposures of a rose bush, trees on Lolo Pass, George the judgemental orange tabby, and multiple exposures of the Fine Arts building on the University of Montana campus.
Middle row: panorama of the Grand Canyon.
Bottom row: Shipping day for the Diehl Ranch, rehearsal with the Great Falls Symphony, and sled dog puppies.

Throughout the course of the year, I kept a spreadsheet tracking when and where each photograph was taken, what kind of camera was used, and whether the image was digitally captured or shot on film (and if film was used, what kind). At the end of the year, I collected all the images and used the spreadsheet to build a website with filters that allow viewers to sort the images by the categories that I tracked. The website is available here: detephoto.com/365fromthearchive.

I think it's worth noting that of the 365 images, the digital/analog split wound up tilted in favor of film: 138 images were captured digitally, while 227 were on film. Long live film!

Screen grab from the #365fromthearchive website.

Screen grab from the #365fromthearchive website.