2016 Video Reel




I've gotten in the habit of subtitling my annual video reels with the phrase, "What life looked like in (insert year)." These reels aren't necessarily an all-inclusive refresh every year, presenting the best-of-the-best footage from my entire archive; they're more of a visual reporter's notebook from the previous calendar year (although I am finally working on a comprehensive video reel, containing clips from 2010ish through 2019 - that's a lot of footage to comb through!).

Sometime in the spring I start pulling selects (isolating favorite moments) from the collection of clips that I've captured during the past year. Then once I've chosen a song, I stitch together a montage of "shiny things" — compositions I thought were aesthetically pleasing, people and faces and interactions I found compelling or funny or touching ... and, ok, yes, there's usually a handful of football clips too.

Video reels from 2017-2018, 2015, 2014 and 2013 are available on Vimeo. The 2016 reel embedded above is my favorite of the reels I've produced so far.