Dominique Norman




Dominique Norman was an exemplary student during her time at WSU. She was involved in student activism and a variety of performance art groups all in addition to her coursework as a student of WSU's Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles program.

The Video Services team interviewed Dominique shortly after she finished her senior fashion showcase: a collection she called “Ensō,” which was the first plus-size apparel collection ever designed by a student in the AMDT program. Ensō is the Japanese word for “circle,” and is a Zen Buddhist term that refers to a moment in time when the mind is free to let the body create.

I was part of the team of four producers that filmed the interview and B-Roll footage, and then I was given creative license with the production of the video. I created most of the graphics used in the video, and worked with one of our interns to develop the series of mannequin sketches that I later animated and included as a textural element over the clips.

The video is in the final editing stages and will be posted here as soon as it receives final approval. Until then, I've included a quick excerpt.