WSU College of Pharmacy 125th Anniversary




The WSU College of Pharmacy celebrated its 125th Anniversary in November 2016 with a black-tie fundraising event at one of the fancy venues in downtown Spokane, Washington. The college's marketing team reached out to the Video Services office for a short, inspirational video to open the event.

I was given pretty much complete creative license with this project — the only request the marketing department made was for something "classy, simple and nostalgic." They also provided us with a trove of archive photographs and newspaper clippings.

With this project, I really wanted to take the opportunity to produce something that broke from the traditional, linear narrative that defines the majority of our office's video output. The more I pored over the archive photos, and looked through the library of B-Roll footage taken at Pharmacy events, a few textures immediately stood out: the yellowed, sometimes crumbly with age photo paper and newspaper clippings, and the embroidered school logo proudly worn on so many lab coats, scrub tops, etc.

I know skeuomorphic design is frowned upon by many professionals in the design industry, but I still love it (in small, well-executed doses). I'm very pleased with how the composition of elements and textures in this piece turned out, and think it suited the theme of the night: nostalgia and pride for the school's past; optimism and anticipation for the future.